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Legal Transcription  
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Legal Transcription

Legal transcription is about preparing legal documents from written or dictated information. We help LAW FIRMS documenting relevant facts and information pertaining to lawsuits, and also help them in creation of database of reference materials pertaining to different cases.

  • Stenographic clerical work and transcription of their legal dictation needs.
  • We transcribe verbatim voice dictation, letters, opinions, court documents, testimony hearings, conferences and day to day business.
  • We assist in setting up and maintaining legal case files and maintaining dockets of legal cases in process.
  • We prepare transcripts of hearings, all legal documents and letters when requested and maintain secure computerized files.
  • Work is performed under the supervision of an attorney or administrative manager.
  • We maintain high level of confidentiality by the use of data encription & password protection of the documents.







Who should Outsource?

  • SOHO (small office home office)
  • Small and medium enterprises (SME)
  • Large businesses and empires with diversified interests and varied business processes.
  • Medical Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Sales & Marketing Company

Every business benefits hugely through outsourcing because technology is changing so fast, it has to be leveraged and used to the maximum to deliver competitive advantage to a company.

When should you outsource?

  • When you're losing focus on your core business because you're too busy handling operations
  • When you're facing a time, money and human resource crunch
  • When you have a mission-critical project that needs all your time and energy, plus specialized skills which aren't readily available
  • When you've got to be the first into the market to gain the edge

Why Outsource to Us?

  • We have a pool of highly specialized personnel.
  • We have the technological infrastructure which is highly secured & scalable.
  • We operate 24/7, to meet your required turnaround time.