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Medical Transcription (MT)  
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Medical Transcription

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession which deals in the process of transcribing or converting recorded dictations by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals regarding patient medical record to a written text. This written text may be stored as printed and/or electronic data. The electronic storage of medical records are the preferred means of most medical professionals in order to document patient care and facilitate healthcare delivery regardless of geographical distance. Medical transcription establishes document format, data entry, corrects spelling and medical terminology errors, transcribe/edit documents, and complies with medical-legal policies and procedures.

The medical transcription is also used as the name of the document (electronic or physical) that results from the medical transcription process, normally in reference to a healthcare professional's record of the medical encounter with a patient. It is referred to by some as a "medical record." A transcribed record can also be merged into a larger document, again called a medical record, which contains additional information from the patient encounter.

Today, medical transcription is the primary mechanism a physician communicates with another physician about the state and treatment of a patient. In more recent time, it is required to be used as justification for a medical bill or application for worker's compensation benefits.







Who should Outsource?

  • SOHO (small office home office)
  • Small and medium enterprises (SME)
  • Large businesses and empires with diversified interests and varied business processes.
  • Medical Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Sales & Marketing Company

Every business benefits hugely through outsourcing because technology is changing so fast, it has to be leveraged and used to the maximum to deliver competitive advantage to a company.

When should you outsource?

  • When you're losing focus on your core business because you're too busy handling operations
  • When you're facing a time, money and human resource crunch
  • When you have a mission-critical project that needs all your time and energy, plus specialized skills which aren't readily available
  • When you've got to be the first into the market to gain the edge

Why Outsource to Us?

  • We have a pool of highly specialized personnel.
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